"Wonderful voice of an angel :)!! keep channeling the wonderful celestial music of the spheres:) Namaste!"
~Paul Amirault, Hampton NH

"Vocals songs production You've got it all ! Just a matter of time ! Good Luck & God Bless! Best, Rob Cariddi, Fort Mill, SC"

"I had a listen to " Colors of the galaxy " and really enjoyed the song, fine arrangement, melody, voice, lyrics and acoustic style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace!" ~ Dean Jablonski, New Market, Ontario, Canada

"Colors of the Galaxy  ~ simply beautifully moving vocal and acoustic, Taliya!"
"You are one of the most incredibly talented and spirited souls I've had the blessed fortune of meeting. Your music is purely derived from the heart and has such a positively profound affect on anyone who hears it. Thank you for embracing and sharing your God given talent." 

- KellyRae , CA USA

"There truly is a God, you can hear him in your voice! continue to share that with the world." 

- Scott Weaver, CA USA

"I've listened to your music and found it to be truly wonderful! It reminds me very much of the , New Age music I've been hearing over the past several years. The melodies are beautifully haunting and very uplifting!". 

- Chuck Whitten, CA USA

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In The Name Of Love

Taliya Schneider

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"In The Name Of Love" is Taliya Schneider's most recent acoustic album. As a Spiritual-Folk Singer-Songwriter, Healer, Metaphysicist, and Lover of Angels, Taliya Schneider is dedicated to creating soothing, serene, reflective original music, which lifts one's spirit, warms one's soul and envelopes the listener with a true celestial ambiance, which lingers beyond place and time... Quench your spirit&soul with Taliya's soothing, haunting, ethereal vocals along with reflective, healing and yet empowering lyrics, enveloping your soul with beautifully crafted uplifting melodies.

We are very happy to announce that 'In The Name Of Love' is already available on Amzon Music, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Music Key, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio and on many more online music retailers as well as available for you on this website, right here.....right now....So plug your headphones to fully enjoy the intimate acoustic quality of Taliya's music and quench your spirit & your soul by purchasing this beautifully crafted album from this page right now....:) ♥♥

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    Nona 5:55
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    Luna 4:36
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