1. Little King

From the recording In The Name Of Love

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For My Sweet Hubby, Ryan! I Love You My Sweet Hubby For Eternity Together, Amen!♥♥


Once upon a time, there was a little king,
You may not know his name, you know he won the game.
He wore a purple crown over his head,
And most of all he liked to spend his days in bed.
But, at night time, when there’s no one around,
He could fly above the city lights.
He built himself a place, so he could have a lot of space
To create and to perform, to create and to reform,
He wanted to change and he needed to exchange
His swords for words, to take him on his quest.
But at summer time, when the earth got dry,
He needed to find some water for his land.
So, he packed his bags and left, to a place where he could rest,
His body and his soul, so he could forget about it all,
For just a little while he was traveling through time,
Surrendering control, He stepped out of his role...
And out of nowhere, she appeared,
A drop of water, through his tears,
He knew right then that she could feed,
His thirst, His hunger & His needs.
So, little king – here we stand,
You give us everything we demand,
Because of your belief, that we could have,
You offered us relief, when you found...
A drop of water, to keep us alive,
You crowned her as the daughter of your land,
You crowned her as our daughter of all times, of all times… of our land.